Purling Treatment

Surface Technik have developed a multi coat purlin coating system which offers a decorative and protective finish to galvanised purlin sections.

The coating system we have developed uses our own designed products which have now been in use for a number of years and have proved to be extremely competitive compared with more conventional coating systems over galvanising.

The system we have developed is called Technikoat which is exclusively applied by ourselves. It meets with the performance requirements of BS5493 Section 2; Table 3; Part 6 – long term life 20 years, Specification SP8 when combined with hot dip galvanising. The products can be touched up easily on site, this means that the bolts can be coated easily alongside any jig and erection marks.

We have been particularly successful in colour coating cold rolled pre-galvanised zed purlins for both decorative and arduous applications and can quote numerous examples of successfully completed contracts. These include swimming pools, sports halls, galvanising plants, metal treatment/plating works, water treatment plants, brick works and high level plant rooms. The oldest completed projects now being over 20 years old are still looking and performing to the same level as the day they were completed.